Glysophates and the microbiome – a recipe for disaster.

Monsanto Bully

Organic food is shrugged off by many people as the new ‘in thing’, amounting to some kind of fad for the health crazies.

It’s not – it’s just real food, produced without lot’s of chemical inputs and / or genetic modification. As close as possible to the way it should be.

‘Organic’ is not a perfect system by any means but it tends to produce a cleaner and better quality product. The fact that all of us don’t have access to safe, nutritious food in abundance is entirely political – it has nothing to do with scarcity, lack of resources or population and everything to do with the way our economy and society is managed.

Tinkering at any level of the food chain seems to have a cascade of detrimental effects for all involved. Talk of Monsanto and pesticides can feel like a far away threat to us in the UK – but there isn’t an environment, or individual for that matter that isn’t effected by glysophates: a major compound in Monsanto’s ’roundup’.

New research is emerging that shows how glysophate’s are impacting negatively on the human microbiome (the ecology of bacteria that resides in your gut) – with untold effects on the immune system, on cognition and on digestion in general.

You can’t stop this stuff getting inside you anymore, because it’s everywhere. But you can limit it by making better food choices. And where people can’t make those choices because of barriers like poverty, racism etc – well then, it’s time for us to get angry, and organize.

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