Out of the pubs and into the mud – a call from the land.

What will it take for you to believe? When observable ‘facts’ serve discrete interests – what is truth and what does it say? As a legion, disembodied from the earth, we have created a material-imaginary; tinkering with the surface elements of reality, we revel in our own mastery. Gloat over our bounty. What have we achieved? Everyday bloodshed. Heartache. Paranoia. Barricades of walls and hearts. Pollution. So much pollution of the land, of the air and seas – of the heart. Some days I can barely look another in the eye. So much shame. So much judgement. So much distrust. So much fear.

What will it take for you to turn away from the current paradigm in disgust – to curl your lip and sink your toes into the earth in full knowing? To recognise that the race to the bottom; the narrowing of our lens, the search for answers in numbers and data yields only a glimpse of a snowflake in a storm. That you are a snowflake. But that you are also the storm.

What will it take for you to believe the earth is alive? That it has its own interests – that you are part of those interests? But so far removed from her soils, her water and her breath – so indoctrinated you are in plastics and screens and sugar and coin that you have forgotten. Can you remember? Are you prepared to?

Who is closest to the earth? Where are they and what do they have to say? What are their rituals? How do they dance and what do they sing? How do they heal and what is healing to them? How do they serve and who are they serving? Out of the pubs and into the mud – are you prepared to listen? Are you brave enough to let go of your ideas and identity forged in a world prepared to oversee its own demise and ready to reawaken to the ‘primitive’, to the primal? Can you bear to open your heart and live in trust of the land and one another? I’ll help you if you’ll help me.

Blue deer. Aho. Pamparios.

Oxytocin is the messenger. Touch is the healer.

Is there a biological and scientific premise to the importance of touch in our lives and communities? Yes.

Those human communities that still live as tribe might have a giggle at our need to have explained and justified what is such an obvious joy and pleasure. But nevertheless, the biology of touch is a complex and beautiful one and if it can illuminate how touch is such a critical factor in how we bond and relate to one another – so be it.

Oxytocin seems so sterile and sharp a name to describe the particular hormone who’s task it is to lay the foundation for human bonds and connection. It is a hormone set to work and signaled via touch – a complex and miniature stimuli that encourages an opening of one being to another, so that deep bonds and connection can be forged.

It is the hormone prevalent at the time of birth – when in that intense period of eye gazing and closeness between Mother and child just moments after delivery, Oxytocin saturates both parties to create a sense of soothing, deep connection that will be the premise of their relationship for the rest of their lives. This is why it is vital that touch and eye gazing between Mother and child in those early moments should go undisturbed.

But beyond that very early facility – Oxytocin goes on to help us feel connected to one another every day. Appropriate touch received gladly and without fear initiates a release of Oxytocin that encourages a sense of calm and connection that is pivotal to optimal functioning of the body. It creates a safe breathing space for our being – a place where we feel accepted, seen and loved enough that our bodies heal in the supportive environment they deserve. Beyond touch, just creating a loving, supportive environment for one another can be enough to promote the release of Oxytocin.

The more we learn about Oxytocin, we see that it impacts positively on well being in so many ways – from pain relief, to lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion, balancing body temperature, speeding up the healing of wounds and positively effecting the amount of cortisol (an inflammatory hormone) in the body.

But let’s not get distracted – as fascinating as Oxytocin is, it is just the messenger. The real healer is touch. Share it widely.