Successfully Krautfunded!

On November 15th we launched a crowdfunding campaign to support an exciting new collaborative project between Octopus Alchemy, Silo and The Real Junk Food Project, Brighton (#transformingfoodwasteintosuperfood) – as well as to boost our workshop experiences with some new kitchen bling and to fund the development of a new website.

On this page you can check out our crowdfunder video below or link to our crowdfunding page here, where our objectives are explained in detail.

The campaign successfully raised around £4300 over a four week period from 124 backers in 28 days. After crowdfunding fees and other expenditure we ended up with about £3700. The development of the project will take place throughout 2016.

So far, Octopus Alchemy had its first workshop in January this year, with our next workshop coming up on April 17th. We have purchased a few bits of new equipment which have helped make our operation a bit more slick and we’re currently working with Brighton based design agency OSOMI to give us that front facing manicure we badly need.